Why Renee Paquette’s Mom Has A Jon Moxley Tattoo

Jon Moxley Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette’s mom loves her son-in-law enough to have his name tattooed on her.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Paquette opened up about her relationship with her husband, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. The two met and began their relationship in 2013 while they were both working for WWE, and they’ve been married since April of 2017.

Paquette recalled that her mother was hesitant when she first began looking up the man her daughter was dating, finding him to be “really scary.”

“I’m on the road with WWE at the time of course and my mom doesn’t know what kind of life I’m really living. Of course I’m calling and checking in with her, but she doesn’t really know anything about pro wrestling. She really don’t know anything about who Jon Moxley and/or Dean Ambrose was.

“So when I’m telling her that I’m dating this guy, she starts looking him up and she stumbles upon Jon Moxley, looking up his old promos and matches. I remember she called me or texted me and was like so weary of him, she’s like ‘I don’t know about this, he seems really scary and a little mean.’ I was like ‘Mom, it’s fine, don’t sweat it.’

Renee Paquette’s Mom Called Jon Moxley’s Bluff

However, nearly a decade later, Renee Paquette says her mother has a whole different view of her husband, and even joked that she loves him more than she loves Renee. Her mother even has Jon Moxley’s name tattooed on her wrist as the result of a joke.

“Now it’s so funny because my mom is so obsessed with Jon, my mom loves Jon more than she loves me. I can almost guarantee you that. My mom got a Mox tattoo. I did not see that in my bingo cards. It’s on her wrist.

“So, we had kind have been joking around about it, after I had Nora, Jon really wanted to go get another tattoo and my mom was staying with us to help me get my footing as a mom. So my mom is with us in Vegas, Jon wants to go get a new tattoo and I’m like ‘Well, shit, I wanna get a new tattoo too.’ This was like a couple weeks after I had Nora and I wanted to get a tattoo for the baby. My mom is there and she gets big time FOMO and [says that she] wants a tattoo too.

“She’s like ‘What am I gonna get, what am I gonna get?’ and she’s like trying to figure it out and Jon jokingly is like ‘Well, why don’t you get my name or something like that?’ and she was like ‘Okay, that’s great!’. My mom is very much so a call my bluff person, so yeah she got it. He just wrote his name, it’s really tiny. It’s actually kind of cute.”

Both Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette are currently signed to AEW.

h/t Fightful