Who Would Jake Roberts Like To Face From Today’s WWE Roster?

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts names the two current WWE stars he would like to go up against.

Over the course of his career Jake Roberts established himself as one of the legends of the squared circle. While he never won the World Championship, he tangled with some of the very best in the business before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

On his DDP Snake Pit podcast alongside Diamond Dallas Page, fans recently had the opportunity to ask the WWE Hall of Famers anything. In response to a question asking who he would want to go up against in today’s roster, Roberts said:

“Either Orton or Drew McIntyre. I’ve always been very appreciative of the Orton family. I wrestled Bob and watched Bob’s father wrestle. I think he’s a tremendous talent. And there’s something in his that he does, this is not quite perfect, and I don’t know what it is. So I want to get in the ring and feel it. And I know the one experience I do have in the ring with him, you know, of course, I took his finish. And it just felt right to do it.”

“You know, and anybody I feel like that with I know I can have a lot of fun with and experience some things that I haven’t had. And I think we’d have a tremendous match.”

Jake Roberts and Randy Orton previously had an encounter back on the March 14 2005 edition of Raw when a surprise appearance from Roberts on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel ended with Orton delivering an RKO to The Master of the DDT.

Roberts continued, discussing why he would choose Drew McIntyre:

“He was one of my one-day students in Scotland and I remember him and said ‘You are gonna make it kid.’ I knew a bit because he was different than the rest of the people there. And he just had a presence about it. You know, and if you’ve got that gift man you better use it. And boy is he using it.”

McIntyre has certainly come a long way since then and the former two-time WWE champion aims to capture the gold for the third time when he headlines the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle event against Romain Reigns in Cardiff on September 3.

Jake Roberts is currently signed to AEW where he manages Lance Archer, although he hasn’t been seen much on AEW TV lately due to some recent health issues.

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