Who Is Triple H’s “Right-Hand Man” In WWE?

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

Triple H has been in charge of WWE creative since July 2022 when Vince McMahon originally retired. The former World Champion was then given the title of Chief Content Officer in September.

Under his guidance, the main roster has undergone a number of changes, and it has been claimed that the atmosphere backstage has improved dramatically.

In the decades that he ran creative, Vince McMahon worked with a trusted circle of close associates, which at various points featured the likes of Pat Patterson, Michael Hayes, Bruce Prichard, and others. While the company employs a vast number of writers, it was always McMahon who had the final say on the televised product.

While McMahon is now back with the company and by his own admission involved in creative to some degree, WWE has insisted that Triple H remains in charge of day-to-day operations and in overall control.

Since The Game took control, many have wondered who he has worked with backstage, and who has stepped up to become sounding board and “right-hand man.”

Speaking on his podcast, Kliq This, Kevin Nash said that this role is being filled by Jeremy Borash, who is perhaps best known for his work with IMPACT Wrestling. It was Triple H who brought Borash to WWE in 2018.

“Borash is absolutely a breed above [others]. I mean, he’s like Triple H’s right-hand man.”

Triple H Missed Recent SmackDown Taping

It was recently reported that Triple H missed the May 12th episode of SmackDown in Knoxville, and Bruce Prichard stepped in to run the show in his place. The was no official comment on why the WWE Hall of Famer wasn’t present at the show.

H/t to Wrestling Inc