“Who The F*ck Is That” – Triple H’s Reaction To Logan Paul WWE Signing

Logan Paul with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

Triple H has hilariously admitted that he had no idea who Logan Paul was before he joined WWE.

Logan Paul might be one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world, and have one of the largest social media followings on the planet but he has still remained under the radar of some.

Despite WWE attempting to remain on the pulse of popular culture, and Triple H having three daughters, two of which are teenagers, he didn’t have a clue who Paul was before he signed with the company.

The Game made the admission on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast no less, recalling that his first reaction to Paul’s name being mentioned was “who the f*ck is that?”

“You want me to be completely honest? I said ‘Who the fuck is that?’. Yeah, who? Yeah, no offense. It’s funny because some people talk about our business and [mention] how they watched as a kid. That means they’ve never watched and they don’t wanna offend me. It’s not for everybody. When they first said it, Kristen Prouty walked in and talked all about it and [I went] ‘Yeah, I don’t know who that is.’ Yeah, I had no idea and then they told me and I started looking at it and I was like ‘Holy sh*t, these dudes are massive!’

I have kids right and they’re watching all this stuff and now it’s on your radar, so you start hearing people talk about it where if I would have heard people talk about it before I wouldn’t have ever paid attention to it. Now, you start paying attention to it like this thing is huge and we gotta get with this guy.”

Triple H’s comments came ahead of Logan Paul’s first-ever singles match where he defeated The Miz at SummerSlam. The YouTube star has since earned plaudits for his performance from fans online as well as wrestling personalities such as Jim Cornette.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.