Who Is Behind The Hold Up On CM Punk’s AEW Exit?

CM Punk AEW Champion

Almost three months on from CM Punk’s explosive post-All Out comments which led to a brawl involving AEW EVP’s, there is no sign of a resolution to the fallout in sight.

While CM Punk has remained away from AEW since the night in question, Ace Steel who was involved in the fracas has left the company, and The Elite are back on television. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega seemingly adding to the chaos on the November 23rd edition of Dynamite by mocking Punk in his hometown of Chicago. Their antics split fans around the world, with some finding humour with the situation, while others believed it was disrespectful.

CM Punk Remains Under AEW Contract

The Elite’s performance came just hours after an interview with Kenny Omega was published here the former AEW World Champion called on people to “let go” of the incident. While CM Punk had his own fun with the situation during a recent appearance on commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, joking that you “didn’t want him in the locker room.”

It was also reported that those close to CM Punk were “not happy” with The Elite’s performance on Dynamite.

All of this is playing out against a backdrop of behind the scenes negotiations between CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling. It has been suggested that there are talks underway about a buy out of Punk’s contract, which sparked reports that WWE could even be open to bringing back the star who left so acrimoniously in 2014.

In the latest update on the situation, Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that CM Punk remains under contract and is still being paid. Those close to the star say that the hold up on his exit from AEW lies with the company, and he’s ready to move on to the next project.

“Punk as of the weekend was still under contract to AEW and being paid and those close to him say the hold up on his being released is all on the AEW side as he’s ready and willing to move to his next project.”

CM Punk is also said to be recovering well following surgery on a triceps injury he sustained during his match at All Out with Jon Moxley.