Who’s Been Showing Up To AEW Dynamite Wearing A Cardboard Box?

kip sabian cardboard box head

After nearly a year of wearing a cardboard box on his head, one AEW star made a shocking return in the main event of Dynamite!

Back in September of 2021, a mysterious figure began appearing in AEW crowds wearing a cardboard box with the words “UNDERRATED, OVER IT” written on it. While fans who follow Kip Sabian’s social media accounts or who’ve encountered the star at meet & greets knew that this was a new gimmick for the injured star alluding to him believing himself to be a “forgotten pillar” in AEW, but until tonight, his presence has never been mentioned by the AEW commentary team.

Sabian first donned the cardboard box during All Out weekend last year at AEW Fan Fest, and as time has gone on, fans have lined up to take pictures with him at AEW television tapings. Some fans have even begun cosplaying the star at conventions, with one July photo poking fun at a popular Spiderman meme.

During the main event of the August 24th Dynamite, PAC confronted the familiar cardboard box-wearing figure in the front row of the crowd, only to find that it wasn’t Kip Sabian under the box this time and was instead someone who looked to have been kidnapped as he was wearing duct tape over his mouth. Sabian then ran out and attacked PAC from behind, marking the first time he’s been seen without the box on AEW television since suffering an injury in April of 2021.

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