‘White Rabbit’ Tic-Tac-Toe Game Not Connected To WWE

White Rabbit

We have an update on who the “White Rabbit” could be: We still have no earthly idea.

So, yeah. That’s not really an update, but that’s how the craze has everybody feeling – both wrestling journalists and fans alike. We get update after update, development after development, just to be in the exact same place where we were before, every single time.

Despite that, however, the “White Rabbit” mystery continues to intensify, with journalists and fans looking in a ton of different places to try to find any clue they can about what everything could mean. And the latest video involved with the phenomenon that, well, isn’t actually involved with said phenomenon is no different.

Recently on Reddit’s Squared Circle forum, there was a “White Rabbit”-themed tic-tac-toe game that popped up, eventually going viral. The curiosity grew from fans immediately, with a lot of them immediately connecting the game to WWE’s marketing department. However, it appears that the video isn’t a part of the company at all.

According to Fightful Select, the viral game has nothing to do with WWE’s “White Rabbit” mystery, not being connected in any facet.

The latest reports haven’t changed anything with fans, however. Bray Wyatt is still the heavy favorite to be the one behind the “White Rabbit” mystery. Up until this point, there hasn’t been any official reports confirming that Wyatt is indeed behind the craze, nor that he’s returning to WWE, but this hasn’t stopped the speculation of fans leaning heavily towards “The Fiend.”

The only other guess from fans that has been taken seriously is Karrion Kross, who played a character named “The White Rabbit” during his time in Lucha Underground.

Another name that was brought up recently was AEW’s Malakai Black, who was known as Aleister Black during his time in WWE, but that idea was quickly shot down.

After lyrics from Black’s old WWE theme song were featured in the latest “White Rabbit” easter egg on this past Monday’s Raw, fans speculated that it could mean the return of Aleister Black, but Black ended the conversation almost immediately when he posted on Instagram that he hadn’t been released by AEW and would be returning later in the year.