Subject Of White Rabbit Teases Being “Withheld From Everyone” In WWE

White Rabbit Raw Tease

A new report has noted that WWE are keeping the identity of the mysterious ‘White Rabbit’ secret even within the company.

For the best part of a year rumours have persisted that Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE. This speculation only intensified when Vince McMahon left the company as it had become well known that the pair were not seeing eye-to-eye before the Eater of Words was released in July 2021.

While there has been no comment from either side, it there have begun to be hints that Wyatt could be on his way back. This started on the September 16th episode of SmackDown where during a commercial break the lights in the arena were turned off and “White Rabbit” by psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane was played in the arena.

On the following episode of Monday Night Raw, a mysterious QR code was spotted backstage with the message “COME WITH ME.”

The QR code led to a cryptic video that continued the White Rabbit theme, showing a rabbit with the words “Feed your head,” which is a line from the Jefferson Airplane song. When the video is played, the rabbit can be seen playing a game of Hangman that asks for the answer to the question “WHO KILLED THE WORLD?” The answer was revealed to be “YOU DID.”

It has now been reported by Wrestle Votes that while many suspect that Bray Wyatt is the subject of the teases, the information is being “withheld.”

Some had questioned whether the mystery was connected to Karrion Kross owing to his White Rabbit character in Lucha Underground, however the star has denied this.