Latest White Rabbit QR Code Tease Features Multiple WWE Hall Of Famers [Video]

White Rabbit Raw Tease

The latest viral clue in WWE’s White Rabbit mystery led to a video featuring multiple current and future WWE Hall of Famers and another location clue!

Though it’s not been mentioned on TV, WWE’s White Rabbit mystery is the talk of social media following multiple QR code clues scattered throughout Raw and SmackDown. The first clue came during a commercial break on SmackDown when the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane played, and the next Monday on Raw, a QR code led to a video of a white rabbit playing a game of Hangman. The game asked “WHO KILLED THE WORLD?” with the solution being “YOU DID.”

On the most recent episode of SmackDown, another QR code led to the word “patricide.”

Now, on the September 26th episode of Raw, another code popped up on the screen during the bout between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio. The code wasn’t mentioned by commentary, but eagle-eyed viewers who were able to scan the code were led to another clue, this one taking the form of a TikTok video that featured multiple WWE stars.

In the video, multiple WWE stars’ promos were mashed up to once more ask the question “WHO KILLED THE WORLD?” and answer with “YOU DID.” Promos were also cut together to say “FEED YOUR HEAD.” Some of the stars featured were The Rock, Randy Orton, Road Dogg, Kurt Angle, Edge, John Cena, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Cody Rhodes. The video can be viewed in its entirely below.

The video clue also contained more coordinates as a location clue, but instead of leading to the location of Raw or SmackDown, it led to a giant pink bunny located in Italy.

Viewers also pointed out that the number 40701 appears in the video. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful pointed out on Twitter that this is the zip code for Corbin, KY. He also provided some information found in the URL code of the video, which points to the location of the next episode of SmackDown.

Though there is speculation that the White Rabbit clues could lead to either Karrion Kross or a returning Bray Wyatt, the subject of the teases is being kept a closely-guarded secret within WWE.