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When WWE Tag Team Title Unification Was Decided

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A new report sheds light on the surprising timeframe in which the decision was made to unify the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

On the May 20th episode of SmackDown, the Usos took on RK-Bro in the main event where both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships were on the line. After a hellacious battle, Jimmy and Jey Uso were successful in their quest to become the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, ending Randy Orton and Riddle’s second reign as Raw Tag Team Champions at 74 days.

The Tag Team Title unification has been teased for weeks and was originally advertised for WrestleMania Backlash before that match was changed to include Drew McIntyre fighting alongside RK-Bro against all three members of The Bloodline. However, according to a recent report, the plan was not to actually unify the titles until recently.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that original plans for SmackDown didn’t call for the titles to actually be unified on SmackDown.

“You know that was a last-minute decision…The plan was always the angle at the end and it was never Riddle and Orton winning. It was a way to get out of it, probably a DQ for Roman Reigns interfering. I wasn’t told that directly. I was only told that they came in and the big thing was the angle. As far as what they were gonna do for the finish, they went back and forth and Vince eventually made the call that basically, you know what? We’ve been pushing this so much we might as well do it.

“It’s not like this is some long-term plan and this is the day they’re gonna go back. Literally, there was no plan other than they’re gonna do the big angle and obviously the big angle was to lead to Roman Reigns’ matches with Orton and Riddle…And the tag titles are what the tag titles are.”

Dave Meltzer also noted that no one knows what the plans for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship are now that the belts have been unified.

After the Tag Team Title unification match, The Usos and Roman Reigns laid waste to both Riddle and Randy Orton. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Riddle addressed Orton’s absence from television and fought alongside the Street Profits to defeat The Usos and Sami Zayn when the champions walked out of the match.

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