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“When Sting Became Available It Made All The Sense In The World” Reveals Tony Khan


Speaking on the latest Talk Is Jericho podcast, guest Tony Khan has explained the story behind AEW’s capture of wrestling icon, Sting.

Revealing first that he knew Sting (real name Steve Borden) from years beforehand. His son (Steve Borden Jr) had tried out for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team after the 2015 NFL Draft – The Jags of course owned by Tony’s father, Shahid.

I had a prior relationship with Sting and he didn’t reach out to me until his agreement had expired.

I knew him, and he has a great son in Steven Jr, who was a great Tight End at Kentucky, real nice young man, and he tried out for the Jags.

He had a knee injury and also I don’t think they utilized him enough at Kentucky because he was a good player, definitely someone who deserved a look in the NFL and he had a great tryout with us. If he came in healthy, he’d have had a good chance to be an NFL players.

I had talked to Steve [Sting] back then probably like 5,-6 years ago.

In 2015 (around the same time Steve Jr was having trials for the NFL), Sting himself was performing for WWE at WrestleMania 31 in San Jose. That year Sting was heavily involved in WWE storylines including ‘The Authorty’ angles with HHH and Seth Rollins.

It was announced in January 2016 that Sting would be the first member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016, then appeared at WrestleMania 32 after announcing his retirement.

His last appearance for WWE was at the 70th birthday celebration of Ric Flair on an episode of Raw in February 2019, and in 2020 his contract with WWE had ended.

Tony Khan has revealed that as soon as Sting was available, free from contract, it made “all the sense in the world” to bring him in to AEW – which he did, Sting debuting at AEW’s Winter Is Coming event in December 2020.

When he became available it made all the sense in the world, I thought it would be great to sign Steve and come to an agreement.

We talked, and we’re now doing exactly what we wanted to do. It’s great, and he’s happy too, if I can speak for him he’s been really optimistic and having a good time.

The Promo that Sting and Darby did this week, the hoodlums, Darby’s a hoodlum and Sting’s a hoodlum too, it’s great stuff!

Sting is currently scheduled to be back in action at AEW Revolution in March alongside Darby Allin to face Team Taz in a Street Fight.