When Is Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2021? How To Watch, Date & Time, Match Card

NOAH Misawa memorial

Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2021 is set to go ahead on the 31st of May, honouring the career and legacy of the legendary Japanese wrestler.

This year will mark the 12th year since the wrestling industry lost the founder of Pro Wrestling NOAH and one of the most celebrated figures in the history of puroresu. Emanating from the legendary Korakuen Hall, the memorial show is dedicated to the memory of one of All Japan’s ‘Four Pillars of Heaven’ (joining Kenta Kobashi, Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue).

Tragically, the star passed away at the age of just 46 years old. Teaming with current NOAH ace Go Shiozaki against Bison Smith and Akitoshi Saito, the then NOAH ace took a back suplex from Saito. He remained motionless after the move, ending the match prematurely so that he could be rushed to hospital; however, it was ultimately too late.

Pro Wrestling NOAH, the company Misawa left behind, has continued to grow since his passing. The planned memorial show will showcase key matchups from some of the company’s top stars, including four title matches.

When is Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2021: “Forever In Our Hearts”?

The show is scheduled to begin at 10am BST/2am EST/2am PST on the 31st of May.

How can I watch the show?

Fans can watch the show live on FiteTV for $20; this purchase includes unlimited replays. This is the first time that the memorial show will air live with English commentary.

What is the match card for the event?

  • Keiji Muto & Masato Tanaka vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Masakatsu Funaki
  • GHC National Championship – Takashi Sugiura vs. Kazushi Sakuraba
  • GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship – Atsushi Kotoge vs. Yuya Susumu
  • GHC Tag Team Championship – Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya vs. Muhammad Yone & Shuhei Taniguchi
  • GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship – Yoshinari Ogawa & HAYATA vs. Daisuke Harada & Hajime Ohara
  • Kaito Kiyomiya & Yoshiki Inamura & Kinya Okada & Junta Miyawaki & Yasutaka Yano vs. Kenoh & Manabu Soya & Haoh & Nioh & Tadasuke
  • Seiki Yoshioka vs. YO-HEY

Mitsuharu Misawa remains one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the history of the industry. As the ace of All Japan throughout the 90s, he left the promotion in 2000 after winning the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship five times, the Champion Carnival twice and the World’s Strongest Tag Determination League on four consecutive occasions. In NOAH, he was the GHC Heavyweight Champion three times and also won the Global Tag League with Go Shiozaki in 2009.

In just five reigns, Misawa held the Triple Crown for 1,799 days; he remains the longest reigning Triple Crown Champion in All Japan’s history. His 25 Wrestling Observer Newsletter 5* or above matches remain the most in the history of the publication. The fan-rating website Cagematch features numerous Misawa matches amongst the best reviewed matches on the website.

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