When Is Matt Riddle Returning To WWE Raw?

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle could be back on WWE screens very soon.

Another week of controversy in the life of the star began with an incident at JFK airport on Sunday, where Matt Riddle alleged on social media that he’d been sexually assaulted. However, he later deleted the post.

Meanwhile, Port Authority officers alleged Riddle was “disruptive” and “heavily intoxicated” while transferring flights. As a result of the incident, internal investigations have been launched by WWE and the Port Authority.

It was then reported that Riddle had been pulled from Raw and subsequent live appearances. However, it was said that this was connected to an inner ear infection and bronchitis, rather than anything that may have happened at the airport.

In a fresh update, Mike Johnson of PWInsider, now reports that Riddle is slated to return to WWE Raw on September 18th.

Matt Riddle Teaming With Drew McIntyre

Ever since Drew McIntyre returned to WWE at Money In The Bank he’s been appearing on Raw alongside Matt Riddle. The unlikely partnership was born out of their shared desire to get one over on Gunther, although in the end, it seems that both men have failed.

With McIntyre gunning for a showdown with Jey Uso following his jump from SmackDown, and seemingly on the brink of turning heel, the future for Riddle appears more uncertain.

Since making his own return to WWE after WrestleMania 39, Riddle has slid down the card and struggled for momentum.