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When Is Cody Rhodes Expected To Return From Injury?

Cody Rhodes screaming in pain

Despite being reportedly out of action for nine months, Cody Rhodes is hopeful to defy doctor’s expectations and return from his torn pectoral tendon much sooner!

Cody Rhodes shocked – and in some ways, disgusted – many in the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell, wrestling his scheduled match vs. Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins. ‘The American Nightmare’ walked away with the win, but the damage had already been done, considering his pectoral tendon was completely torn before he even removed his entrance jacket.

Rhodes was subsequently written off of WWE programming with a sledgehammer-aided assault by Rollins on the following night’s broadcast of Raw. Furthermore, Michael Cole informed the audience later that week on SmackDown that a recovery time of nine months was needed before Cody Rhodes could return to in-ring competition.

Cody, it seems, didn’t receive this memo. The former three-time AEW TNT Champion took to his Instagram Stories recently to provide an update on his rehab, hinting that he has a “plan of his own” that goes against WWE’s expected nine months:

“Sling off for rehab – in gym. I’ve heard 9 months, that’s their plan…I’ve never concerned myself with other people’s projections – I’ve got a plan of my own – let’s finish, all of us.”

Dave Meltzer was first to confirm the injury suffered by Cody Rhodes. That Rhodes persevered through the injury to wrestle a hellish encounter with Rollins brought considerable praise his way, even more so when it was unearthed that Cody decided to do the match, not WWE.

The Wrestling Observer has since reported that WWE is toying with the idea of having Cody Rhodes win the 2023 Royal Rumble match. Company cameras were on hand to film his surgery, with the expectation being that this footage will help WWE recreate Triple H’s unforgettable 2002 return.

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