“What We Do Is Not About The Moves” – Triple H

Triple H Referee

Speaking in a new interview Triple H has played down the importance of wrestling moves within the presentation of a match.

For decades, wrestling fans have been split over what makes a great match. While some believe that the mechanics of the wrestling moves in the ring are the be-all and end-all, others gravitate more towards the drama and a good story.

During an appearance on the Impaulsive Podcast hosted by Logan Paul, new WWE Head of Creative and Talent Relations, Triple H discussed the mechanics of putting a match together. When talking about Paul’s transition into WWE, The Game explained how wrestling differs from legitimate combat such as boxing.

He revealed that while being athletic is important, it’s what a performer does between those feats of athleticism that really makes the difference.

“I like that’s the gap that people have right? Even our talent that have been doing this a really long time. It’s not the moves. It’s like watching a movie. How many movies have you seen with crazy budgets and special effects and CGI that visually you go ‘Holy sh*t that’s amazing’ and no one cares. The movie bombs, there’s no story, no one really fully cares.

It’s not about the moves, what we do. It’s about what you do in-between. The characters, the story.”

Triple H also took time to praise Paul for how quickly he has picked up the art of professional wrestling, saying that he’s among a very select few who have become this good, this quickly.

“Like I was saying to you [Logan Paul] you know what you’re doing. You’ve walked through this, you’ve done it, you’re ready to go. You know the moves, you’re an athlete. A crazy good athlete that has picked this up like that, [clicks fingers] That’s not easy to do, I’ve seen less than a handful of people be able to do what you’ve done. That’s amazing and you should be proud of that. But the truth is, I can make a way longer list of terrible athletes that were way over in this business, than I can crazy athletes that were the be-all and -end-all.”

The former World Champion added that wrestling is all about “feel” and it’s the in-between things that makes fans feel.

Triple H’s comments came ahead of Logan Paul’s first-ever singles match where he defeated The Miz at SummerSlam. The YouTube star has since earned plaudits for his performance from fans online as well as wrestling personalities such as Jim Cornette.

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