“What The F**k Are They Doing?” – Jim Cornette On Jon Moxley Squashing CM Punk

Jim Cornette Tony Khan

Jim Cornette isn’t a fan of Jon Moxley’s recent win over CM Punk.

Longtime professional wrestling executive, promoter, and on-screen personality, Jim Cornett is once again mincing no words when talking about All Elite Wrestling. Cornette, to say the least, wasn’t a fan of AEW President, Tony Khan’s decision to have Jon Moxley defeat CM Punk in under two-minutes during the pair’s AEW World Championship unification match on the 8/24 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Cornette would air his grievances on the latest episode of his ‘Jim Cornette Experience‘ podcast:

“But speaking of the title, so last week on the programme we had that rather heated exchange between Punk and Moxley. And then it came out and got in a fight again, and we forgot to mention that they had announced toward the end of the programme last week. F*ck it, we ain’t gonna wait for the pay per view where you might have to pay to see this.

We’re going to put the interim title versus the real title on the line between Moxley and punk next week on free television. And everybody at that point thought what is the matter with these people? And we did too, because why would you give that away except it? It’s not like anybody wanted to see it. Anyway, we’ve talked about the fact that this was botched horribly.”

Cornette would then criticize Khan’s decision to put the interim title on Moxley following Punk’s injury, noting that he believes Moxley should’ve transitioned to a heel following his interim title win:

“When Tony decided to put the belt on Moxley, the interim title, when Punk was out, it should have been a heel. It should have been the hottest heel you could get that could crow and f*cking brag the whole time that Punk was gone and take advantage of people so that Punk would have a dragon to slay, a wrong to right, a hill to climb, something to come back for and triumph that people would universally be on his side. Rather than a split audience duelling chants like they had here in this match. ‘Let’s go Moxley. CM Punk.’

Some of these idiots were actually saying all the words together ‘Let’s go Moxley. CM Punk.’ Because it’s just a thing to do. They don’t care who wins now, especially when you split their f*cking affections. So, he has an idiot for an interim champion that totally doesn’t fit what Punk needed to come back to, obviously Punk had to be aware of that. So, then they shoot an angle and then they decided to bring the Pay Per View Main Event ahead a week to free television.

And I’m thinking what the f*ck are they thinking? Somebody’s lost their mind somewhere. But then I realized if this is what they intended to do, they couldn’t have made this the main event on pay per view, because people would have set seats on fire in three minutes.”

While Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on the current state of All Elite Wrestling, Khan, Moxley, and Punk, alongside the rest of AEW are preparing for the company’s All Out pay-per-view which takes place on Sunday, September 4 at 7:00 p.m. EDT/4:00 p.m. PDT and at 12:00 a.m. BST on Monday, September 5 in the UK.

Ahead of a major weekend for both AEW and WWE, news of a partnership between the company’s TV networks was announced. More details on the deal can be found by clicking here.

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