What Happened To Bray Wyatt After SmackDown Went Off The Air

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has continued to be something of an enigma since returning to WWE back in October at Extreme Rules.

Shortly after reappearing, he began a feud with LA Knight, but there were plenty of not-so-subtle hints that there was a bigger game at play. After lots of verbal back and forth which lasted a number of months, the pair finally met in the ring at the Royal Rumble in the first-ever Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match.

On the night Wyatt made quick work of his rival before things took a very strange twist. The star retreated to the corner of the ring and donned a new mask before chasing, slowly, LA Knight up the entrance ramp towards a platform. Here, Wyatt laid him out with a Mandible Claw before Uncle Howdy appeared on a ledge above. As Wyatt watched on, Howdy launched himself onto Knight and the pair disappeared into a pit of flames.

Although the feud between Wyatt and Knight appears to be over, the former World Champion wrestled his rival one more time in a dark match following SmackDown. It was Wyatt who grabbed the win after putting Knight through a table. Wyatt didn’t appear in person on SmackDown himself, but Knight gave a short interview backstage where he said he was ready to move on.

What Next For Bray Wyatt?

On the February 3rd episode of Friday Night SmackDown Bray Wyatt was featured in a short vignette in his rocking chair before being joined by Uncle Howdy. As Howdy appeared on screen the camera cut away. Just days later Wyatt wrestled at a live event and came to the ring in an Uncle Howdy mask to add further confusion to an already bizarre story.

There have been rumours that Wyatt will face Uncle Howdy in a match at WrestleMania 39.