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“What The F**k Was Going On Here?” – Jim Cornette Blasts Wardlow Segment

Wardlow entrance

Jim Cornette held nothing back when discussing a recent segment on AEW Dynamite featuring Wardlow.

On the June 15th Road Rager special of AEW Dynamite, Wardlow went up against 20 security guards after being served with a class action lawsuit on June 1st.

In a bizarre spectacle, Mr Mayhem threw bodies left and right, eliminating the nameless figures one after the other, or even sometimes three and four at a time.

After the ‘match’ was over, Wardlow attempted to get his hands on Mark Sterling, who had brought the suit in the first place, but he was saved by an interruption from Dan Lambert.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast looking back at the show, the wrestling legend delivered a withering assessment of the action. The legendary manager and former promoter initially praised for AEW for building Wardlow into a star, before claiming that segments such as this do nothing to help him reach even greater heights.

“They actually did something right for once and got somebody over that has not been seen on television before. Wardlow is the only guy, think about this, is this the only guy that was never seen on anybody’s television before, that they got, that is actually making a difference and could make a difference and is getting the response of a main event guy. MJF had been on MLW, but Wardlow hadn’t been on anything.

They debut him, he gets over, and they can’t be having that sh*t. So now MJF is gone to not smell test this sh*t, they are going to kill Wardlow. A fake People’s Court video, complete with the music, a fake setup with Warlow against 20 nameless goofs, supposedly ordered by a court case bought by a fake lawyer that is no way convincing.

Whoever’s idea this was, they should be fired after Wardlow beats the sh*t out of them, because they are f*cking this guy’s career up, and he is their biggest success story so far.”

During the segment, the announcers appeared unsure of the rules for the supposed match, which added to the confusion. Cornette added that this further served to drag the whole presentation down.

“After the goofy fake People’s Court video, here comes Wardlow. There’s 20 guys wearing security t-shirts, and if he wins they can’t sue him or whatever the stipulation is. What the f*ck was this? It wasn’t quick enough to be ok, ha ha it’s over with. At the same time it wasn’t funny because it wasn’t funny, it was phoney. At the same time it exposes Wardlow as being told to do sh*t instead of being the beast that he has been presented as.

The announcers didn’t even know how this match was working. When he knocked the first few off, the girl announcer would say ‘Oh so and so was eliminated.’ Then he threw someone over the top rope, has he been eliminated, what the f*ck was going on here.

It was fake, contrived sh*t, people were less into it the longer it went. And it went on so long and was so stupid, by the time it was over he was powerbombing people, and the fans weren’t even popping on the powerbombs. The only time they would pop is if he powerbombed a guy on top of the other guys.”

With the action over, Dan Lambert attempted to get two members of American Top Team who had been seated at ringside to attack the victorious star. However, Matt Hughes and Tyron Woodley ended up siding with Wardlow.

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