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Wesley Blake Reveals Scrapped Plans For Lacey Evans In Forgotten Sons

Lacey Evans in Forgotten Sons

The former Wesley Blake has opened up about Lacey Evans’ short-lived time in The Forgotten Sons during the faction’s early days in NXT, discussing the original plans for her presence in the group!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes‘ own Innes McVey, the former WWE star revealed that Lacey’s addition to the faction was an idea from NXT’s creative team to test how well she’d work as a counterpart to SAnitY’s only female member, Nikki Cross!

“I think that was a pitch from creative. I think they just wanted to see how it would look and because at that time, of course, SAnitY was there. So they were just trying to say, ‘This would be a perfect match-up to have The Forgotten Sons with Lacey Evans against SAnitY with Nikki Cross and Wolfe and Damo.’ It was just a pitch on a live event to see if they liked the look and stuff like that, but I think they had other plans for Lacey Evans at that time. So that just got put on the backburner.”

The now-Westin Blake went on to discuss the origins of The Forgotten Sons, how pleased he was about how receptive those backstage were to the idea and whose idea it was to add Jaxson Ryker to the stable.

“But yeah, with Steve and myself with the Forgotten Sons, it was a very cool moment in our career. Just because me and him, ever since we’ve got to NXT, we had a brotherhood. We bonded really well. It wasn’t long after we started riding the car rides together that we formed a real kinship with each other. So it was just nice to be in The Forgotten Sons because that was something that Steve and myself we pitched us as a tag team coming in together. It was nice because they actually went with it and they went with our kind of ideas.

Of course, they put their little spin on it with some stuff. So we were kind of going Sons of Anarchy vibe when we first started out and it wasn’t until several months later when creative, I want to say it was probably Steve Corino, got the gears turning with creative to put Ryker with us and once Ryker with us, that’s when the ball started rolling for The Forgotten Sons.”

Debuting on the main roster on the post-WrestleMania 36 edition of SmackDown, The Forgotten Sons had a challenging first appearance due to the lack of fans and shows taking place inside the Performance Center. Blake discussed why he wasn’t as intimidated by those aspects due to his confidence in his team as well as his opponents around that time.

“Not so much intimidating. It’s one of those things that you really had to have confidence in yourself when you start wrestling in front of no fans just because when you wrestle in front of fans, you get a reaction whether something’s working or not and whether the match is going good or whether the match is going bad. So when you lose that part of your performance, that’s when you really had to have your competency. Really, you have to rely on not only yourself, but your tag partner and the people that you’re in the ring with as well.

I was very fortunate enough with Steve and myself that we had some incredible people to work with. Once we got up there, there was like The Lucha House Party, Miz & Morrison and, of course, the New Day who have been up there for quite some time. They were the veterans of… Whatever their confidence levels were at, we had to raise ours up as well. When we started putting matches together with those certain types of people, it helps elevate you in that situation.”

You can check out our interview with the former Wesley Blake in full here.

Photo credit: Wayne Mason