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Wesley Blake Details ‘Knights Of The Lone Wolf’ Origins, Nixed Plans

Knights of the Lone Wolf

After the Forgotten Sons were removed from television and their push effectively halted, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler did everything possible to get themselves back on track, including pitching wrestling as Bray Wyatt’s puppets brought to life, before being aligned with Baron Corbin. While the Knights of the Lone Wolf faction was incredibly short-lived, that clearly wasn’t the plan – as Westin Blake told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy.

“When the whole Jaxson Ryker tweet happened and once we were told like, ‘Hey, we’re not going to be using the Forgotten Sons anymore,’ that was actually one of the pitches that Steve and myself pitched towards creative saying, ‘Hey, we would like to be paired with Baron Corbin. We feel like we would add to his already heel persona and we feel like we can get some miles out of him. It would just be kind of great interaction and I think we can have fun working with him,’ because, of course, we’ve known him since NXT days, way back when. It was just something that we pitched. We didn’t really like the Knights of the Lone Wolf, we just kind of pitched us being with him, just kind of throwing stuff against the wall, and we found out that December of last year that we were finally going to get paired with them.”

Having pitched the idea themselves to creative, the compromise of how they’d look was next – but Cutler and Blake were just excited to get back on television, and to work with Baron Corbin.

“Creative came to us with the look that they wanted. They wanted the clean-shaved look. They wanted us with the hoodies with suits and stuff like that. They wanted to go like a more modern, athletic, sports entertainer look. We were very excited for it and I know I was very excited to work with Corbin and get back on TV and just kind of get your foot back in the door. We had some steam, we had some momentum going with Forgotten Sons, but that got halted and so when that stuff happens, you’ve got to try to keep moving forward to try to get your foot back in that door so you can kind of get your momentum back up.”

But what was next for the Knights of the Lone Wolf? Well, a rivalry with Rey Mysterio and son Dominik!

“Once we started with Baron Corbin, we were very excited because there were some creative plans going forward with us working with the Mysterios, which is one of those dream matches that everyone wishes that they could have because Rey Mysterio’s such a legend and he can still go in the ring and getting to work his son Dominik would have been so much fun.”

While working with a legend and his son would have been intriguing, the rivalry would have also got us to Wesley Blake taking on former tag team partner Buddy Murphy.

And at that time, Buddy Murphy was still involved with that family storyline wise. So we were looking forward to that and we were looking forward to getting like some character stuff out there and get to work some six-mans with Murphy and the Mysterio family. So it was a very exciting time for us getting our foot back in the door and also getting to work with Corbin who has just been Mr Consistent. He’s got to do some cool stuff back in the day with The Rock and Becky Lynch and stuff like that, like he got to share some TV time with. When you’re paired with a guy kind of like that, it only helps elevate your level. That was one of the things that we really liked.”

Thanks to Westin Blake for taking the time out to speak to us! You can follow Westin on Twitter and Instagram. You can read the interview in full here.