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“We’re Open For Business” – Triple H On Cross-Promotion

Triple H Conference Call

During the NXT TakeOver WarGames pre-show media call, Triple H discussed WWE’s stance on working in partnership with new promotions following the news that AEW and IMPACT Wrestling have entered a co-beneficial partnership.

Alistair McGeorge of Metro UK questioned the WWE EVP about WWE’s openness to working with other promotions, asking:

“WWE has started to become more open to working with more promotions, which we’ve seen with EVOLVE, Progress and ICW all popping up on the network. After last night’s development with two companies in particular, could you see a point where WWE or even NXT is seemingly open to that level of crossover?”

The question, in reference to the IMPACT Wrestling and AEW alliance that was unveiled at AEW’s most recent show Winter is Coming, discussed the possibility of the WWE reaching out to other sizeable organisations for a deeper level of a crossover than we are currently seeing with the WWE affiliated independents such as EVOLVE, ICW and Progress.

Triple H was quick to respond, stating:

“You know look, from what you’ve seen in the past with PROGRESS, Evolve, ICW, all those things…yeah, we’re open for business. In a lot of ways, in a lot of things and a lot of everything, peoples thoughts, misperceptions, their perceived knowledge of what we do, how we think and all that stuff is often greatly misinterpreted and not necessarily accurate. So look, are we open to the right business opportunities? Yeah, at any given time we’re open to things.”

The WWE EVP was keen to dismiss the perceived notion that WWE is not willing to work with any ‘competition’ or other promotions.

Along with referencing back to WWE’s current working relationships, Triple H re-enforced the statement that the WWE is “open for business” as long as it was a meaningful partnership that was beneficial in the long term:

“It just depends what they [the opportunities] are and are they beneficial to us long term, again when I say long term, I am not talking three months or six months, long term – ten years. Y’know ten years, fifteen years from now, is that beneficial, is that meaningful, is it long term. That’s how we think, it’s much longer in duration.”

Triple H wrapped up his response by repeating a quote he has heard many times from the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon:

“If it’s the right thing and it’s meaningful to the business, he [Vince McMahon] is open to anything.”

Many fans will be excited at the limitless possibilities this statement seemingly opens up, such as WWE working with the likes of AEW, NJPW or IMPACT Wrestling at some point. It is worth noting this statement from Triple H/Vince McMahon is not a massive change in company outlook, however. WWE has always stated, if it was beneficial to them, they would work with other promotions, however, it needs to be beneficial to them. For any real cross-promotional relationship to occur, the outlook on what is classified as beneficial must change as WWE has historically seen very little value in working alongside smaller promotions.

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