“Well Liked” AEW Name Retiring

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An unsung hero is retiring from AEW and also the world of pro wrestling.

Fightful is reporting that Sandra Gray, the current head seamstress for AEW will be unplugging her sewing machine as she’ll be retiring from her daily duties behind the needle. Gray has worked in pro wrestling for over 30 years as she first got her start in WCW simply by circumstance when Rena Mero (aka Sable) recruited her to work on tights for her then husband, Johnny B. Badd. At the time, Gray struggled as she never worked with spandex at the time, but it ended up being good enough to get her a full-time job with the company and due to that, she’s created classic looks for legends and modern stars alike.

Gray is greatly known for creating the notorious “blood drip” style of Scott Hall’s gear. She recalled creating “The Lone Wolf” look just based off an assumption of what dripping blood looked like. Although she wasn’t a fan of her own work initially, it ended up becoming one of her most cherished creations due to the historical impact.

What’s Next For AEW’s Head Seamstress?

Gray may be retiring from her fashion design work in a full-time capacity, but she’ll reportedly still have threads remaining in the industry. According to Fightful, Gray will continue to design and work with Cody Rhodes, who she has a close relationship with. After Gray left WWE in 2015, Brandi Rhodes was instrumental in bringing her talents to All Elite Wrestling. In a full circle moment, Gray recalled in an earlier interview (shared above) that current AEW World Champion MJF wanted Scott Hall’s “blood” look in Burberry fashion without MJF not even knowing she was the original creator of it.