“We Will Come Over There For Sure” – AEW Star Comments On Potential India Show

AEW India Flag

AEW will head to India and sell 100,000 tickets according to one of their current stars.

With AEW selling 60,000 tickets already for their first-ever UK event, fans worldwide are keen to see their heroes in person.

AEW will be taking All In to Wembley Stadium on Sunday, August 27th with the majority of tickets sold despite no matches being advertised.

Satnam Singh joined AEW in September 2021 and feels that it won’t be long before AEW heads to India.

The Indian-born seven foot two inches tall former NBA Star made his on-screen debut in April 2022 attacking Samoa Joe.

Singh aligned himself with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, forming The Lethal Connection and has since seen Jeff Jarrett join the fold.

Satnam Singh appeared on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge and challenged India to host an even bigger event for AEW than Wembley by wanting to see 100,000 tickets sold.

“India, I am going to say yes, we will come over there for sure. But I really want first to get more improved in AEW, we want more bigger, we want more exposure for AEW in other countries so we can have the best match in India,”

“In the UK it has 60,000 tickets sold out already, and I want, whenever we come to India, not 60,000, [but]100,000 tickets.”

AEW Star Satnam Singh Calls Jeff Jarrett “One In A Billion”

Jeff Jarrett surprised fans by debuting in AEW last November joining forces with long time friend Jay Lethal.

The Lethal Connection lost in their attempt to claim the AEW Tag Team Championships at Double or Nothing last month, but that has not stopped one faction member heaping praise on Double J.

In reference to a Netflix documentary titled One in a Billion that looked at Satnam Singh’s background and pathway to joining the NBA, the former basketball player praised the WWE Hall of Famer calling him “One in a Billion”.

“Jeff Jarrett is a really down to earth person, people have to know him first.

I know a lot of people don’t like him, I know so many people are rude on him–I love that sound actually like ‘oh, I can see how many people f**king like us,’ it’s good.

But end of the day, Jeff Jarrett is a legend, he’s got so much experience in AEW and from WWE.”

Singh would go on to share insight into what it’s like to learn from the Six-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and how his connections in India can help with AEW’s growth.

“He’s also a really great wrestler and he knows everything and he has real great contacts and real fans here in India you know. So it’s good for us, but at the end of the day, he’s amazing.

He has a really really great mind, and whenever I have a match, whenever I have like a tag match he always told me ‘okay, you can do it like this way, you can do it like that.’ He’s a really down to earth person.”

H/t to WrestlingInc