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Arn Anderson – “We Need To Regulate Flips” [Exclusive]

FTR vs Young Bucks and Arn Anderson

At AEW Full Gear, a decade worth of anticipation would culminate as The Young Bucks and FTR finally clashed in tag team action after all four men had publicly stated their desire to compete in the ring on several occasions.

Following the admission from Arn Anderson that FTR are the best tag team in the world right now – and even better than he and Tully were – he opened up in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy about the barnburner of a match all four men put on, saying the important thing about the match was that it involved storytelling, and that we need to “regulate” flips in order to sell tickets.

“Well, you know, I loved it – and that’s the part that’s missing in the industry. We can’t go backwards and take all the flip, flop and fly out of the business because it’s already been introduced to the industry. You guys have accepted it, you like it, we need to leave it in – but we also need to regulate that with what you said – and I’m so happy you said that, being an intelligent fan and knowing what you’re looking at – storytelling. That’s the part that sells tickets.”

The Enforcer went on to reveal what he told all four men before the match.

“I told those guys, all of them, before they had their match. ‘You only get to do this one time in your career. Firsts… You can only do a first match one time.’ And that match had never happened, and so you had years, a decade, of building. You know, ‘I’d love to see this match with those guys, those four guys.’ And when you saw it, it paid dividends and I think the key to it was both of them worked to each other’s strengths and the storytelling was incredible.

Thanks to Arn Anderson for taking the time to chat with Inside The Ropes. You can read the full interview here.

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