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“We Have Stretched The Realms Of Reality With Some Of Our Champions” – The Undertaker

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With his Final Farewell just around the corner, The Undertaker has given his opinion on today’s WWE Champions as well as what the model should be for a candidate going forward.

In recent years, WWE have come under some lob-sided scrutiny with their choices to carry the company’s top prize.

While larger men like Jinder Mahal were lambasted in the role – mostly thanks a limited ability inside the ring – smaller talent such as AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan were wholly praised for the runs at the top of the mountain.

So what is the vital factor in a respectful WWE Champion? The Undertaker thinks he has the answer. In an interview with Yahoo.com, ‘The Deadman’ spoke about the ideal model for a figurehead:

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big guy, but we have stretched the realms of reality sometimes with some of our champions. When you see some of the guys that they have to work with, it’s like, OK, I get it, we’re sports entertainment — BUT. My whole goal when I went to the ring, I don’t care if you’re smart, not smart, whatever, when I’m in the ring I want people thinking, ‘This dude’s legit.’ And if I hit somebody, I want people in the front row going, ‘No, dude, he hit him. I don’t care what happened in the match before, he just lit him up. This is on.’ So it’s hard because we’re kind of starting to get a little bit of an influx of big guys, but it’s just kind of where – because there’s so much new talent, you can’t put the title on a guy just because he’s big. And back in the day, man, we had tons of big guys that could go and could carry it and do that”

Referring to men like Kevin ‘Diesel’ Nash who carried the WWF Championship for a year between 1994-1995 and Sycho Sid, The Undertaker made sure to stress that size wasn’t important. However, one had to be believable enough to make people care:

“So it’s more of a guy that kind of fits in the middle of the road. A guy that you’ll believe working with a big guy but can also work with a little guy. But there are certain guys that have had — I won’t bring in names — but it’s just like, yeah, I just don’t buy it. I don’t buy this as my champion. And it’s not any fault of their own, other than they’re physically not able to match up against certain people.”

Even though The Undertaker remains tight lipped on those he thought were terrible choices for WWE Champion, few can disagree that believability should be a part of every choice as champion.

The Undertaker will step through the curtain for the final time at Survivor Series on November 22. Though it’s still unclear how his time in the industry will be marked, the historic night will be a tearful occasion for all those who grew up ‘The Phenom’ as a constant in their lives.

Credit for the interview: Yahoo! Entertainment

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.