“We Can Literally Do Whatever We Want” – Don Callis On Kenny Omega Pairing [Exclusive]

Don Callis

IMPACT Wrestling EVP and Kenny Omega’s right-hand man Don Callis has opened up about the potential of NJPW to be added to the AEW/IMPACT dynamic, and how it came about.

Speaking to Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes via the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, Callis responded to the suggestion of a NJPW being added to the partnership between AEW and IMPACT by saying “the wrestling paradigm” is that companies don’t get along and that you need to “take” control.

You can read the transcript of Don’s answer below, and watch the entire video.

Hi, Don. Thanks for taking the time. I wanted to ask, obviously AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will be wrestling in IMPACT alongside a couple of familiar faces in The Good Brothers. They recently told me how they are hoping to wrestle in NJPW very soon and mentioned how good it is to have IMPACT, AEW and NJPW being “friendly” with Chris Bey’s appearance and now this. How open is the wrestling world now? Might we see some NJPW involvement in this storyline, and a potential Bullet Club reunion of Omega, Good Brothers and whoever else appearing across all three promotions?

“Wow, that’s a lot of stuff there. You ask the hard questions, Gary, I like that. So, I guess what I would say is… The wrestling paradigm is that companies don’t get along. And everyone always tries to do it from the bottom up. They say, ‘Let’s have a meeting, let’s talk about working together.’ That never works. It doesn’t.

“There’s a famous quote, someone said to me one time, they said, you know, ‘Don, you gave me the power to do this.’ This was someone who worked for me. And I said, ‘Well, if I did give you power, then you’ve got nothing. Because real power is something you take.’ You TAKE it from someone. It doesn’t work, grassroots, bottom up. It’s top-down, it’s elitist, it’s a hierarchy. It’s higher-level thinking.”

Callis went on to say that the reason for IMPACT and AEW working together is because he and Omega are in such a powerful position, they can do what they want.

“In other words, the reason why you are seeing these barriers being broken down today is not because Don Callis went and had a meeting or Scott D’Amore had a meeting, or someone had a meeting. The real reason why this is happening is because Kenny Omega and Don Callis are in such a powerful position right now that we literally can do whatever we want. We can write our own ticket.”

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Posted by IMPACT Wrestling on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Callis went on to say they’re “playing the long game” and they “take the power” rather than negotiating it.

“Someone asked about Scott D’Amore, Scott is one of my best friends. Brilliant, brilliant guy. He and I are a great team that complement each other very well. Someone asked if Scott was upset, he’s a smart guy, he’s not an idiot. Of course he’s not upset. Would he have liked it if I talked to him about it? Maybe. That’s an ego thing. At the end of the day, Scott D’Amore sees Kenny Omega and Don Callis as the hottest thing in pro wrestling right now, in this business, and he goes, “Thank you” – because he leaves his ego out of it.

“I operate from a position of power. There’s a reason why I play the long game and wait. I could have got a meeting with whoever in the wrestling business. I’m the Executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling, I can get that meeting. But I take power, I don’t negotiate it.”

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