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“We Are The Most Underrated Tag Team Of All Time” – Thrasher On The Headbangers

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Glenn ‘Thrasher’ Ruth has given his opinion on The Headbangers being the most underrated tag team in the history of the industry.

They wore skirts, painted their faces and at one time sported neon cone breasts to the delight of the masses everywhere. But Mosh and Thrasher, The Headbangers, were more than just a novelty act after serving their time as enhancement talent with the World Wrestling Federation in the early part of the nineteen nineties.

Shaking off single jobber status, the pair actually began their partnership in 1995 as The Royal Spiders, The Arachnoids and the best forgotten Flying Nuns before being renamed and re-branded as the anarchic Headbangers in 1996.

Feuding with The Godwinns, The Legion of Doom and Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, the punk rock duo shocked their trio of rivals on September 7, 1997, at Ground Zero: In Your House when they usurped the legendary teams to capture the WWF Tag Team Championships.

Now, Thrasher has joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast to talk about his belief that his partnership with Mosh was the most underrated team in wrestling history:

“We don’t get any goddamn love. We are the most underrated tag team of all time. Everybody goes on about finishes and stuff like that. Oh, The Doomsday Device is the best finisher! The 3D’s the best finisher! You know what’s the best goddamn finisher? The Stage Dive. It takes more timing. It takes more accuracy than any other finish in the business. If Chaz is off just a hair, I’m going to sit on some guy’s face. If I’m off just a hair, the guy’s going to land on my lap.

So there’s nobody that can dispute or prove me wrong. Show me another finish in the wrestling business that’s better than The Stage Dive. There’s none but when everybody always talks about great tag teams and everything else, you never ever hear anybody say anything about The Headbangers. It’s bulls**t. It’s total bulls**t. I disagree with it. I think maybe if we did a couple of stints in rehab, and we said no a couple times or something like that, our careers might have went farther.

Who knows? I don’t know. No, I’m just joking about the rehab thing. That’s how I feel about the whole thing. ‘Oh yeah, The Headbangers. They remind me of The Bushwhackers.’ I get a little offended about that. I don’t see The Headbangers as haha, Looney Tooney sideshow. I think we can get in there, and I think we can still go with the best tag teams out there.”

Following a split in January 1999 which saw Mosh adopt the best forgotten Beaver Cleavage gimmick, the duo temporarily reformed but again went their separate ways in 2000. Under the name Chaz, Mosh went on to compete alongside D Lo Brown as Lo Down while Thrasher remained a singles star on WWF Jakked being released from his contract in December 2000.

The Headbangers reunited outside of WWF and currently hold the Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling Tag Team Championships after defeating The Brothers in Arms for the gold on October 23, 2020. They are due to defend the straps against The Awakening – former WWE stars The Ascension – on February 19, 2021.

Credit for the interview and transcription: The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast