Former WCW Star Says Jordynne Grace “Made An A** Of Herself” Over Chris Benoit Comments

Jordynne Grace with IMPACT Digital Media Championship

A former WCW star has a strong opinion regarding Jordynne Grace’s controversial take on Chris Benoit.

IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace made headlines when she posted a controversial tweet about Chris Benoit. In her tweet, Grace claimed that Benoit wouldn’t be capable of competing with the best wrestlers of today. She also wrote that Benoit could “burn in hell.”

Speaking on Keepin’ It 100 Official, Konnan came out in defence of the Rabid Wolverine and criticized Jordynne Grace’s takes:

“I can’t believe that she would publicly come out and make an a** of herself but that ain’t the first time she’s had stupid takes and you know, with age comes wisdom, you’ll get here soon enough. Obviously, you know what the fu*k you are talking about.

“Benoit without a doubt, out of all the years, in all the dressing rooms, and all the people I’ve worked with, is one of the greatest performers I’ve ever seen.

“His passion was second to none, his intensity, his preparation was second to none, what do you mean he couldn’t hang with nobody today bro? Ninety percent of the guys could not hang with him. That’s bottom line because I work with them.”

A former friend of Benoit, Chavo Guerrero Jr. also responded to Grace’s tweet by suggesting that the Impact Wrestling star may have “lost a lot of wrestling credibility.”

Chavo Guerrero’s uncle Eddie Guerrero was famously Chris Benoit’s closest friend, and his tragic passing in 2005 is said to have taken a huge toll on Benoit, leading him down a dark path mentally.

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