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WCW Rebirth Rumour Shot Down By Production Company

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SkyStorm Productions, the rumoured backer of a WCW reboot, has shot down speculation that the legendary promotion is returning to our screens.

On December 1, a Twitter account named @WCW_2021 made a bold claim that they were bringing back the promotion which WWE own the rights to in 2021. Two tweets seemed to outline a detailed plan to overhaul the once beloved promotion:

“We are WCW. We are rebooting the once popular wrestling promotion from the 90’s. Our first event will be taking place in Lake Mary, Florida on October 10th, 20021 and all tapings, live events and shows will take place via @Skystorminc. We will bring back old and new faces in the 2021 reboot and currently searching for independent wrestlers to join us full time on our roster. Our email address is worldchampionshipwrestling2021@gmail.com if you want to be a part of the new WCW.”



Following the two tweets which were met with much skepticism, the account then posted a third to attempt to explain how a reboot would be possible with WWE currently owning the intellectual property. This included a formally written statement from the supposed Owner/CEO of the new WCW.


Though the statement from Alexander Fox attempts to state that WWE have allowed them the rights to some trademarks, any and all hopes fans may have had of a reboot was shot down by SkyStorm Productions.

In an email to WrestleZone, the company who have had dealings with WWE and FOX Sports in the past categorically denied any involvement and stated that the Twitter account in question had used their name without prior consent:

“We have not made any arrangements, partnerships or agreements with WCW. We received email inquiry for production services on 12/1 early this morning and have responded to the inquiry. But no discussion has been made as of yet. The posting on FB and Twitter was done without our knowledge or consent.”

WWE are yet to comment on the allegations made by the Twitter account and it is unlikely they will as it seems to the be either a Christmas prank or some overzealous fan who has zero knowledge of copyright law.