Was Vince McMahon At SmackDown Following Fresh Allegations?

Vince McMahon

An update on whether Vince McMahon showed up for last night’s SmackDown tapings amidst new information regarding the sexual allegations against him.

The Wall Street Journal shed some more light on the Vince McMahon misconduct allegations yesterday. The report revealed that McMahon allegedly paid off 12 million dollars in hush money to four women to keep quiet about sexual encounters.

There has been some talk on whether McMahon would do what he did the last time these allegations became public and make a televised appearance on SmackDown or even just backstage. Now, it appears fans may have that answer.

According to an update from PWinsider, McMahon was at the site for last night’s tapings of SmackDown at around 5 PM EST. Earlier in the day, it was reported that McMahon had yet to arrive in the building; however, it seems he was indeed present for the show. Although McMahon reportedly was at the tapings, he did not appear on television last night.

McMahon first televised appearance since the allegations came to light was on SmackDown a few weeks ago at the Target Center in Minneapolis. He had just “stepped back” from his CEO role and opened the show by referencing the WWE tag line, “Then, Now, Forever and Together,” before walking away.

H/t – Wrestling Inc.