Was Seth Rollins’ WWE Raw Segment Scrapped While He Was In The Ring?

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins had a strange night on the April 3rd episode of Raw.

Following his win over Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39, the star was in a buoyant mood as he appeared on the red brand.

In a backstage segment, featuring a trademark outlandish outfit, Rollins was interviewed by Cathy Kelly. The former World Champion said that he was feeling good after hitting the “stomp heard around the world” on Logan Paul. He added that he was happy to send Paul and KSI back to the wasteland of social media.

But he said that the party was out in the arena, and not backstage, so he was heading to the ring.

Rollins entered to a typically massive reaction as fans sang his theme song. The show then went to a commercial break and once back live, Rollins was in the ring being serenaded by the crowd. However, that was it. The star left without saying a word.

Footage has now emerged online from during the commercial break while Rollins was in the ring. In the short clip, Rollins is shown microphone in hand and in conversation with a member of the production crew, becoming increasingly animated.

Based on the fact the Visionary didn’t end up cutting a promo, it appears he was being told that the segment was being cut.

Did Vince McMahon Cut Seth Rollins’ Promo?

Following the show, it was reported that Vince McMahon was back in control of the taping. It was noted that changes were made immediately before the show went on the air, and this continued while it was in progress. This has only added to speculation that Seth Rollins’ segment was pulled while it was in progress.

While Rollins made a brief appearance, it has been reported that Bayley was pulled from the show altogether.