Warner Bros Discovery “Has Been Told” That CM Punk Is Returning To AEW

CM Punk - AEW

In a move that appeared unthinkable just a handful of months ago, a CM Punk return to AEW is looking increasingly likely.

It has been reported that plans are being put in place for the star to return for the first time since the press conference chaos and brawl that followed All Out. Despite there being issues between Punk and a number of top AEW stars, it has been reported that he could be back with the promotion in June. It has been noted that a planned episode of Dynamite on June 21st looks to be the likely date of return.

The reports of Punk’s comeback have coincided with the proposed launch of a new television show on Saturdays. Furthermore, there have been suggestions that Punk will be heading up this new show, with a “soft” roster split set to take place.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Andrew Zarian reported that Warner Bros. Discovery has been told that Punk is coming back.

“I know for a fact that Warner has been told he’s coming back. They are very much aware of the situation. He had recently said he is willing to return to AEW and he wants to make it work.”

With regard to the roster split, Zarian added the following:

“The plans have been put in place to possibly have a tentative Saturday show to be the ‘soft’ brand split. When I used that term yesterday on Mat Men, I was told that it’s less soft than I’m putting out there. I guess there will be people that are predominantly on the other show, on the Saturday show.”

CM Punk Reportedly Set To Face Chris Jericho

During the same report, Zarian stated that CM Punk will be working a storyline with Chris Jericho despite the real-life issues that exist between them. There is a belief that despite these problems, Jericho is willing to do business as there is money to be made.

“Jericho has presented himself as a locker room leader, Jericho came out and said he’s toxic or whatever he said, and he’s willing to make this work because he realizes that there’s money in this.”

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