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Warhorse On Not Signing With AEW


Warhorse is a staple of the independent wrestling scene in the US. He surprised everyone when he appeared on AEW Dynamite to challenge Cody Rhodes for his TNT Championship.

During Rhodes’ first run as champion, he issued an open challenge every week to anyone that wanted to wrestle him for the title. This open challenge would see non-contracted wrestlers as well as those in AEW challenge for the belt. Among those challengers were Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston who would then go on to become full-time members of the AEW roster.

Warhorse had been a name fans had pushed for online to answer the challenge and in July of 2020, they got their wish. Warhorse has discussed the experience as well as not being signed by the company following the match.

Speaking to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Warhorse said:

“It definitely bumped up my booking fee. I got a lot more recognition, got on a lot of people’s radars, and got a lot of new fans from it too. Seems like every other day people are asking me why I didn’t sign with AEW. I’d say I did my part and did it as best I could.”

Opportunities have been limited for independent wrestlers due to the COVID-19 pandemic; this TNT Title match was only one of eighteen Warhorse had in 2020 following the shutdown of wrestling shows.

Warhorse did win the Pro Wrestling Illustrated award for Indie Wrestler of the Year in 2020. He is also the current IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion.