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Wardlow Turns On MJF At AEW Revolution

MJF & Wardlow

Wardlow has turned his back on MJF, leaving his boss high and dry during his Dog Collar Match against CM Punk.

Sunday March 6th 2022, might have been the biggest night in the young career of AEW star Wardlow.

Not content with winning the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match, The Pinnacle’s resident giant made a decision which will have a huge impact on his AEW future. In a move that has been weeks and months in the making, Wardlow turned his back on MJF.

The stage was set during a brutal, blood-soaked Dog Collar Match between MJF and CM Punk. The drama began before both men had even got into the ring, as MJF played the opening seconds Punk’s theme before he made his way to the ring.

In retaliation, Punk came out to his old Ring of Honor music, in Ring of Honor throwback ring gear.

During the bout, both men bled buckets, and were wearing the scars of battle within the opening minutes. As the violence increased, the bout unsurprisingly became a war of attrition.

MJF marked up the back of Punk with the chain, before busting his rival wide open. The rest of the match saw the use of thumb-tacks, the ringside area, and gory submissions galore.

With Punk laying prone, MJF dragged himself to the edge of the ring and yelled for his enforcer Wardlow to make his way to the ring. The monster, duly arrived on the scene and began searching for MJF’s Dynamite Diamond Ring. The only problem being, he couldn’t find it, or could he?

With an incredulous MJF unable to believe what he was seeing, Punk delivered a GTS to his rival onto the thumb-tacks. Then with MJF in trouble, Wardlow magically found the Dynamite ring and left it on the edge of the ring in front of Punk to a huge roar from the crowd.

As Wardlow left, Punk levelled MJF to claim a memorable win.