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Wardlow Reveals The True Power Of Cash Wheeler’s Mullet


Wardlow has revealed that if he was in a real fight he’d want Cash Wheeler by his side, and it’s all because of his mullet.

While everyone knows the story of Samson and the immense strength that his hair brought him, less is known about the impact of Cash Wheeler’s hair on his fighting skills.

However, Wardlow has surprisingly revealed that it’s Wheeler’s mullet that makes him the perfect partner in a fight.

During an Huber in the Morning, the AEW star outlined his respect and admiration for FTR after they have done so much to help his career. He added that this means that if he ever got in a fight he’d want Wheeler with him, joking that it’s his mullet that gives him so much confidence.

“They are huge mentors of mine,”

“I will be thanking and giving my gratitude to those two men for the rest of my career. Dax is somebody that is very to himself and he doesn’t give out compliments often, but when he sees something in someone, he does offer his knowledge and he has an abundance of it. Cash and Dax, and even when I was in the Pinnacle before Spears lost his mind, they took me under their wings and taught me so much and continue to this day.

Those guys are so good at their jobs, and I’ve said this before, if I was going to be in a real fight and I had to pick one person from the roster, it would be Cash. That dude has his friends back like I’ve never seen before. If somebody looks at us the wrong way, he’s ready to go.”

That mullet has to give you such confidence. No wonder he’s ready to fight the world.”

On AEW television, Wardlow is currently busy beating himself a path towards MJF. To date, his quest has seen him defeat The Butcher and Lance Archer. On the May 4th edition of Dynamite he is set to face a mystery opponent, with on-screen teases suggesting it will be W. Morrissey.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.