Wardlow Shows Off His Monster Breakfast


Here’s more proof that Wardlow is a monster.

Recently, Jim Ross would speak about Wardlow eating a lot of food, referencing a huge breakfast that the 6’2″, 277 pound mammoth put down. Now, we have the photo to put Jim Ross’ comments into perspective.

Wardlow Is A Monster In The Ring, And A Monster At The Table

Following Jim Ross’ talking about Wardlow and his breakfast, the AEW star and current TNT Champion himself would post a photo of the huge breakfast, which included pancakes, french toast, hashbrowns, fruit, among other items to eat and drink. Wardlow is then seen flexing his muscles at the table.

In other Wardlow news, he would partake in an interview on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open,” where he was questioned what professional wrestlers from AEW would make a good villain in a scary movie. Having a tough time answering the question, Wardlow then asked the “Busted Open” crew whether or not they’ve seen “You,” a series on Netflix.

“I have girls chained up in my bedroom, but no one in my basement.”

Wardlow’s interview with “Busted Open” would happen before his victory against Matt Taven AEW Rampage’s main event on October 28, 2022. In the interview, the superstar would speak about his preparation for huge bouts.

“The night before, I do usually spend with a beautiful woman to keep my mind off of things and I wake up in the proper headspace. I’m thinking about everything other than my opponent, essentially. I do some serious training. I’m always doing serious training. When people ask me, ‘How do you prep for this match?’ I prep for the biggest match of my life every week of my life. That’s why I am who I am and why I’ll be where I’m going.”

And speaking of breakfast from earlier, Wardlow also commented that he’s big into that kind of food.

“I live a little differently. I treat every gym session like I’m preparing for the biggest pay-per-view title match of my life. That’s what is going to get me to that moment. Usually, the night before, I like to have a good dinner, be with a beautiful woman, wake up clear-minded, and I’m about to eat the biggest breakfast. I eat a monster breakfast on the day of a show.

Then I’m going to eat Matt Taven alive. It’s just another match. We know how this goes. You know what you’re getting with Wardlow. I’m going to beat the shit out of him, powerbomb him multiple times, and I’m going to win. If Mike (Bennett) and his little girlfriend [Maria Kanellis] want to get involved, I’ll take them too.”

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