Wardlow Served With Lawsuit On AEW Dynamite

Wardlow Security

Though Wardlow is celebrating being All Elite, Smart Mark Sterling doesn’t want him to get away with his path of destruction so easily!

At AEW Revolution, Wardlow finally snapped and turned his back on MJF by helping CM Punk earn the win in their brutal Dog Collar Match. This led to the star demanding that he be released from his contract with the Salt of the Earth. However, MJF wasn’t quite ready to let Wardlow leave, initially barring him from AEW, before putting him into a series of matches where he was escorted to the ring without entrance music and in handcuffs, flanked by security.

In the weeks leading to their Double or Nothing confrontation, the behemoth often sent a message to MJF by decimating the members of security who’d been hired to keep the monster in check as soon as his handcuffs were removed.

Wardlow was victorious MJF at Double or Nothing in decisive fashion, delivering ten powerbombs to his former employer and ensuring his path to officially becoming All Elite.

After a quick defeat of JD Drake on Dynamite, Wardlow looked to celebrate his new All Elite status with Tony Schiavone in the ring – but he was quickly interrupted by by an enraged Smart Mark Sterling, who sported a neck brace courtesy of his encounter with HOOK-Hausen on the Double or Nothing Buy In.

Sterling was accompanied by an entourage of AEW security team members, and he said that Wardlow should think twice before celebrating. He then revealed that he was presenting the new AEW roster member with a class action lawsuit on behalf of the American Arena Security Professionals, the same people that Wardlow has been beating up for weeks.

Not one to show any fear at this latest challenge, Wardlow responded by powerbombing the security member who handed him the court documents.

Elsewhere on AEW Dynamite, MJF appeared to address the ongoing tension between himself and Tony Khan, not holding back when he challenged the AEW President to fire him in brash fashion. Eddie Kingston also responded to the events of Double or Nothing by challenging Chris Jericho to a Blood and Guts match, and Miro returned to action after months away.