Wardlow – “I Refuse To Have MJF As The Champion Of My Company”

Wardlow pins MJF

Upon breaking into AEW Wardlow immediately aligned himself with MJF. Over the next two years the star acted as bodyguard, enforcer and general problem solver for not only Maxwell Jacob Friedman but The Pinnacle as a whole.

However, as Wardlow began to find more success in the ring, and more love from fans outside it, cracks in the relationship between the pair began to grow. This eventually led to a match at Double or Nothing, where Mr Mayhem demolished his rival to earn a spot on the AEW roster.

As MJF prepares to challenge for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear, Wardlow as sent a warning to his former employer.

Wardlow Makes Promise To MJF

Speaking to ESPR, the TNT Champion has made his feelings about the Salt of Earth known once again.

“I refuse to have MJF as the champion of my company. So if he ever does weasel his way to getting that title, I will quickly take it off of him,”

During the interview Wardlow also opened up about how he ended up signing with AEW in 2019. The star gave major credit to QT Marshall for not only helping him get noticed, but by giving him somewhere to live while he tried to make his dream a reality.

“I was jobless, broke, living at my mothers house in my old bedroom. [I was] taking a nap because I didn’t have anything else to do. I woke up and I had a missed call from QT Marshall. I wasn’t even fully awake yet and I’m calling the number back trying to clear my throat and get ready for this phone call. We ended up talking for an hour and we had such a great connection. We both felt how passionate each other were about wrestling and basically they had heard my name from a few different people all around the same time.

Britt Baker came up with me in Pittsburgh, we were both a part of IWC, we started at the same time. Warrior Wrestling had a couple of people who contacted Cody [Rhodes] about me. Then Glacier Lloyd, who’s affiliated with [The Nightmare Factory], he did a seminar at IWC and saw me work and said ‘Hey Cody, you might wanna take a look at this guy.’

Cody was like ‘Alright, I’ve heard this name Wardlow from like five different people. If he’ll fly himself to Atlanta, we’ll take a look at him.’ That was basically their challenge. I borrowed some money and booked a flight that night and then QT invited a complete stranger into his home and let me stay with him for three nights, him and his wife. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for that. Him and I worked in the ring for a few minutes in front of Cody and it only took three minutes and Cody offered me a deal,”

Wardlow was most recently in action on the October 12th edition of AEW Dynamite where he teamed with Samoa Joe to defeat Nick Comorato and QT Marhsall.

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