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Wardlow Praises MJF & Hangman Page’s Psychology


Wardlow has discussed wrestlers in AEW that have impressed him with their in-ring psychology. In an appearance on the Busted Open Radio, Wardlow mentioned two names that have stood out.

Wardlow explained that there are different schools of thought in the AEW locker room. Those that plan out high spots and those who are more cerebral in their approach.

‘The War Dog’ said:

“I haven’t had a great amount of matches, but the ones I have been involved with, there have been some individuals where it’s like, ‘we have this spot, this spot, and this spot.’ Then some I’ve worked with really take their time and ponder and think about things and how it makes sense.

Wardlow then went on to mention two men he’s worked with that have impressed him:

[Hangman] Page was one that I was really impressed by. The way he dissected things and wanted everything to make sense and click. I really appreciated that. That’s one thing about Max [MJF], he’s big on psychology and storytelling. I’ve witnessed Max come into situations where people are talking about hitting spot after spot after spot and he comes in and is like, ‘Guys, that makes no sense.’ He gets it and that’s why he so successful at such a young age. I do appreciate when Max comes in and is like ‘let’s tell a story and make this make sense.'”

Wardlow was speaking to Bully Ray, who himself has been critical l of the AEW in-ring product. Suggesting that there’s too much reliance on high spots. Fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T has recently commented on Ray’s thoughts.

Wardlow has been aligned to MJF since joining All Elite Wrestling. The pair recently became members of Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. Wardlow was ringside as the 6 members of the Inner Circle faced each other in tag team action, results of that can be found here.

Credit Busted Open Radio

h/t Fightful for the transcription