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Wardlow Wins Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match


Wardlow has grabbed the brass ring and emerged victorious in a chaotic Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.

Ahead of the match, fans expected chaos and all six men certainly delivered. But through a sea of broken ladders and broken bodies it was Wardlow who claimed the win. In the process earning a future shot at the TNT Championship.

As the match began, the contest’s big men, Powerhouse Hobbs, Warlow and Keith Lee took up residence in the middle of the ring for a monster showdown, before they were interrupted by the not so big Orange Cassidy. Not that the frivolity lasted too long, as the match quickly broke down.

While Christian Cage gained the early momentum, he was quickly thwarted by Lee who demolished everyone in sight. That was until Wardlow starred down the AEW newcomer.

This led to Wardlow and Lee holding a ladder between them as Orange Cassidy flipped his way upwards to put himself within touching distance of the brass ring. But an unfortunate slip left him crumpled to the canvas. The bad news for Cassidy kept coming, as he was promptly Super-plexed from the top of a ladder in the corner by Hobbs.

The action ebbed and flowed, with all six stars making it to the top of two ladders, before everyone was sent crashing one by one.

With the three big men back holding front and centre, Lee grabbed hold of Cassidy and launched him from the ring back up the ramp. After this show of brute strength, Hobbs and Wardlow joined forced to try and fell the former WWE Superstar. The three men eventually made their way across to the announce table, where it was Wardlow who gained the upper hand, throwing Lee and Hobbs from the stage.

Back in the ring, Ricky Starks was the next man within touching distance of victory, but he was thwarted by an interrupting Danhausen, who cast a spell on him before pulling him off the ladder. While he was quick to regain his composure, the punishment wasn’t over.

He was joined back at the top of the ladder by Wardlow, with another ladder forming a bridge from the ropes to the middle of the ring. Starks again had his hand on the brass ring, but Wardlow delivered a vicious Powerbomb from one ladder onto the other.

With everyone else laying broken across various parts of the ringside area, Wardlow grabbed the brass ring and the win.