Walter Retains NXT UK Championship In Hard Hitting War

Walter Thumb

On Thursday night’s edition of NXT UK, ‘The Austrian Anomaly’ Walter defeated Ilja Dragunov to retain the NXT UK Championship.

The match, which was six months in the making, saw both champion and challenger tear each other apart in pursuit of glory and was based around the immigrant’s dream which Nigel McGuinness mentioned several times on commentary.

Walter chopped away at his foe like a lumberjack bringing down a tree and focused his attack on the neck with sleeper holds and hard boots which weakened the stem of ‘Unbesiegbar’ as the pair entered the final furlong.

Dragunov refused to quit as his chest turned bright red. Suplex after suplex, relentless aerial assaults and several Torpedo Moskau’s, nothing was good enough on this night to down the dominant champion and take his coveted gold.

With the neck of the challenger weakening, Dragunov threw everything he had left at glory but was caught with a big boot into the steel steps, a powerbomb onto the apron, a second in the middle of the ring and the same flying splash which ended Pete Dunne’s historic reign in 2019.

Though the heart of the challenger was too strong to quit, Dragunov’s battle came to and end as Walter applied his Gojira Clutch and the Russian marvel passed out to extend the Austrian’s reign.

Walter is now taking aim at Pete Dunne’s 685 day reign and at time of writing stands on day 574. Having only been pinned once since making his debut for the company in January 2019, the question remains of who will slay the beast.

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