Walter and Ilja Dragunov Contract Signing Ends In Mayhem

Walter Thumb

The NXT UK Championship contract signing between Walter and Ilja Dragunov ended in sheer mayhem on last night’s edition of NXT UK.

At first, everything appeared calm and cordial as both men signed on the dotted line in silence even when questioned by the Assistant General Manager, Sid Scala. But no contract signing in the history of professional wrestling has ever gone without a hitch.

With the bout made official, Dragunov stared down the champion and began to yell, “Unbesiegbar”, at him before Walter drew first blood with an almighty slap and chops that would water even the driest of eyes.

Champion and challenger brawled in and around the squared circle. Walter countered a powerbomb attempt, Dragunov refused to topple and both men crashed through the barricade as road agents and officials spilled from the locker to attempt to separate them.

It was the Russian who had the last laugh, however, seizing control of the NXT UK Championship and holding it high to the chagrin of Imperium’s head of state.

Walter vs. Ilja Dragunov has been in the works for six months ever since ‘Unbesiegbar’ won a Battle Royal on April 2 to be crowned new No.1 Contender by last eliminating Tyler Bate.

Walter will defend the NXT UK Championship against Ilja Dragunov next week on NXT UK.

You can read full results from last night’s NXT UK here.