Wade Barrett Re-Signs With WWE

Wade Barrett sits at the NXT commentary desk.

Wade Barrett is sticking with WWE for a while longer, signing on for another couple of years as one of the voices of NXT 2.0.

Wade Barrett’s full-time appointment to the NXT broadcast team in the autumn of 2020 came as a surprise, seeing as he hadn’t been seen in the company for the past four years. He did, however, flourish in the role, so much so that he remains in the seat to this day.

He won’t be leaving any time soon either, revealing in an interview with BT Sport that he’s recently signed a new two-year deal with WWE that will see him continue to provide expert commentary for the NXT brand:

“I’m about to hit my two-year anniversary. Just signed a new extension to my contract. [My] contract was up. It’s been two years, I think August 2020 is when I came back. Last week, agreed to a new deal. Very happy to be staying around with WWE and continuing my role in NXT. Thrilled to be in that environment. Loving it.”

In the same interview, Wade Barrett noted how a return to in-ring competition was also a possibility for him. This isn’t something he’s actively chasing, however, but it remains a potential opportunity for him further down the line.

The five-time Intercontinental Champion was perceived as an incredibly underrated act, despite his continued success in the mid-card. Barrett was viewed as World Championship material, though this feeling quickly dwindled upon WWE’s continuous mistreatment of his character.

He was given an early release from his contract in May 2016, having opted against signing a new contract the prior August. The former King of the Ring hasn’t wrestled since the Raw after WrestleMania 32 a few weeks prior, failing to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships alongside League of Nations partner Sheamus.

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