W. Morrissey Makes AEW Debut

W. Morrissey

IMPACT Wrestling star W. Morrissey has made his debut in AEW, appearing as Wardlow’s mystery opponent.

As has become customary, courtesy of MJF, Wardlow entered without music, handcuffed and flanked by security. Once in the ring, MJF appeared on the stage and revealed that his mystery opponent was IMPACT star W. Morrissey.

Unsurprisingly, the match was a spectacularly hard-hitting affair with neither man taking a backward step. However, in the end it was Wardlow who grabbed the win, using a huge Powerbomb to dispatch the IMPACT star.

After the match Wardlow attacked the security guards who came to escort him from the ring before grabbing a microphone and calling out MJF. Mr Mayhem said it didn’t matter how many people MJF sent to get in his way, he was going to keep knocking them over until he was free of his contract.

MJF responded by saying that he will happily have a match with the star, but there will be a couple of details added during a contract signing next week.

W. Morrissey is probably best known for his time in WWE where he competed as Big Cass. Morrissey signed with the company back in the summer of 2011, initially appearing in Florida Championship which later became NXT.

In 2013, the imposing star began teaming with Enzo Amore, and the pair became one of the most popular teams in NXT, before moving to the main roster in 2016. Although the two men went their separate ways in 2018, neither found much success as a singles star and Morrissey was released that June.

Following his departure, Morrissey headed out on the independent scene before signing with IMPACT Wrestling in April 2021.