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W Morrissey Reveals How DDP Helped Him Battle Addiction


W Morrissey, formerly Big Cass, has opened up about how WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was a “catalyst” in him getting into the best shape of his life – physically and mentally.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, IMPACT star W Morrissey candidly discussed how DDP helped him be open about his addiction and learn to face the stigma head on.

“I think he was a big catalyst in me starting to open up about where I was at mentally and my addiction, and that’s something that I hid for a really long time because I was embarrassed and there was a stigma that comes with it, and I didn’t want to people to make fun of me or look down on me because, you know, I was having mental health issues or because of my alcoholism. So I hid that for a while.”

The former Big Cass disclosed how DDP helped him be “open and honest” in his approach to life now, crediting Page for helping him with the mental side of things just as much as the physical.

“He was somebody that told me to just be honest and open about it. That’s kind of how I approach life now is I’m always honest. In any of these interviews, I’m not going to lie. I’m going to be very transparent. You can ask me anything and I’m going to be super honest with you because I’ve got nothing to hide – unlike a lot of other people in the wrestling industry.”

W Morrissey continued, saying he no longer feels like he has to play a part or act, and can just be open and honest – with everyone.

“I’m not going to hide anything anymore because that’s not good for me mentally to play a part and to act, and to wear a mask, and be somebody that I’m not. So he was the one who told me to be honest and open up, and we put a video out, and that actually lifted a huge weight off of me. So going forward, always being honest, that’s where I started being honest with fans, with other people in the industry, with anybody that knew me. He kind of helped me to open up about that, and that was probably the beginning of me becoming a different person, starting to live a different life, probably, is that honesty and that that’s something that’s preached in recovery is honesty.”

In closing, the former Big Cass spoke of how he had some obstacles and hurdles trip him up since initially speaking with DDP, but said living a lie simply is no longer an option.

“I could get into the physical aspect of things, I think the mental aspect of things is a lot bigger – so when I started being honest is when things started changing for me. I definitely had some downfalls after, but I vow to just be honest going forward because I don’t want to lie and living a lie is what causes me anxiety and stress, and puts me in a bad mindset.”

W Morrissey aka Big Cass on Anxiety and Depression

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Posted by Diamond Dallas Page on Saturday, April 24, 2021

Speaking with Inside The Ropes last year, DDP detailed the success of DDPY.

“DDP Yoga/DDPY took eight years before I made a dime. I had $548,000 invested in the program. And at the moment, it looked like I was never going to see that money again. I never really focused on the money. I focused on the work and just kept putting money in. I would have put money in until I didn’t have any more money, and I was close. Eight and a half years ago, it took off and we ain’t ever looked back. We just grow, grow, grow, grow every year. It’s mainly because it’s organic and people tell people because they’re getting out of pain, or we have so “saved my life” – forget “change my life” it’s “save my life” and I’ll leave you with this.

“You’ll see a video come out next year sometime, it’ll be a guy who’s six-foot-seven. 698 pounds. On his own, he loses 172 pounds walking, changing what he ate, but his body was so beat up that he really couldn’t even walk anymore. He was so beat up, so he started our program. In one year, he lost 173 pounds. In 20 months, and the second half coming on with us, he would end up losing 378 pounds 20 months. Forget the weight loss, couldn’t do a push-up, to be able to do five-second push-ups. To be able to lift his foot up. To be able to have the confidence in him that he’d never had – and that’s what the program’s about – helping give people confidence.

If there’s one thing, if they put the work in, I know they’re going to get – they’re going to feel better about themselves, they’re going to get more confidence. You can’t pay for confidence.”

You can read the entire interview here and find out more about DDPY here.

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