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Virgil Claims Veer Mahaan Is “The Next Brock Lesnar”

Veer Mahaan

Former WWE Superstar Virgil, a man known for the outlandish, has claimed that Veer Mahaan is the next Brock Lesnar.

Posting on social media, former nWo member and Million Dollar Champion Virgil made the bold claim that the Indian Superstar is heading right for the top of the card. Interestingly, Virgil said that he hadn’t been this excited since the arrival of The Ascension, before taking credit for the new Veer character.

You ain’t never gonna meet a bigger Veer guy. Haven’t been this excited since the Ascension got signed. You see Veer was my creation. It’s a spin-off of Veergil. So basically he pays homage to the chutney killah who drips beefy beef all day. Pasanda and Pasta bay bay. Let’s watch the next Brock Lesnar whiff his a** into stardom. Thoughts????

Virgil has enjoyed a particularly eyebrow-raising 2021, having earlier set up an autograph stand on Vince McMahon’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well as taking credit for Hulk Hogan’s entire career.

Rinku Singh signed with WWE in 2018 after becoming the first Indian man to play professional baseball in the United States. During his time in NXT, Singh teamed with Saurav Gurjar as Indus Sher.

In May 2021, Singh arrived on the main roster alongside Shanky, appearing as bodyguards for former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. However, Shanky and Mahal would later move over to SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft leaving the man known as Veer flying solo.

Since the draft, Veer is now being billed as ‘Veer Mahaan’ but is yet to appear on Raw. Vignettes have continued to be shown on WWE’s flagship show heralding his arrival but to date there has been no sign of the Indian star.

Despite this he has continued to appear on WWE Main Event, most recently defeating T-Bar.