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Virgil – “I Think I Made Hulk Hogan’s Whole Career”


Virgil may be a former Million Dollar Champion but the wrestling superstar is laying some outlandish claims on some other million-dollar ideas including the New World Order.

Virgil made his name as ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase’s butler in the late eighties in the WWF. Doing DiBiase’s bidding Virgil ensured DiBiase could find everybody’s price without having to get his hands dirty himself. When Virgil finally had enough of bowing to DiBiase’s demands he turned on his one-time boss, capturing DiBiase’s prized possession, the Million Dollar Championship. His success in the WWF was limited after DiBiase recaptured his title and Virgil left the company in 1995.

After some time on the independent scene, Virgil transformed into Vincent and became the nWo’s Head Of Security in WCW. Although he was one of the most enduring nWo members, Vincent was hardly one of the most successful, returning to a background role like his early days with DiBiase.

However, in an interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Virgil has very different ideas of his level of success in the group:

“I think I made Hulk Hogan’s whole career. Ted Turner and I put together the nWo. I got paid all day. I was like a moving reindeer. It was Too Sweet Meatsauce week. Olive Garden gave me a special order with Eric Bischoff because they love me that much. They put out a restraining order on Eric Bischoff because he followed me to Olive Garden. I guess he wanted a bunch more meat sauce or something. He’s obsessed with me because I’m the Meatsauce King. I was the original member coming in. It was Hulk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ted DiBiase, myself, and X-Pac.”

The New World Order is not the only ground-breaking WCW holdover Virgil takes credit for, as he also claims he invented Booker T’s patented Spinaroonie:

“I kicked Alex Wright’s ass in a dance off in a parking garage, and I put my foot up in his ass. He was talking s**t like he could out dance me. I had the dance off, and I shoved my foot up his ass. I invented the dance called the Spinaroonee. Disco Inferno had a spin off. He spun on the ground like a donkey, and then I spanked his ass.”

Virgil recently launched a mobile game with the Magen Group and Alleycat Studios that celebrates his love of meat sauce. Meatsauce Madness is the game that is surely set to take the world by storm, Virgil spoke of his love of it:

“I’m the prototype. I played it for hours. I went into a food coma playing. I went to Olive Garden playing it. Fans can expect all of it when you guzzle the beef. I think you might have been guzzling some beef. Look at you. [Virgil does a horse impression]. I guzzled so much I got garlic nipples. I’m a unicorn. All the game is my favorite part, from the platform to the end. I love it all.”

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you can download Meatsauce Madness on iPhone here.

Credit: The Wrestling Inc. Daily