Vince Russo Slams Tony Khan For Recent AEW Ratings

Former WWE writer Vince Russo

Vince Russo is taking aim at Tony Khan and AEW.

Longtime WCW and WWE writer and producer, Vince Russo had some harsh words for AEW President, Tony Khan amid the recent drama surrounding All Elite Wrestling.

When speaking with Sportskeeda, Russo slammed Khan, for being who he believes is the reason for AEW, who’s ‘lost 320K viewers’:

“The numbers for AEW last night, because of everything that happened on Sunday; 1.2 million people tuned into the show. Hold on, when they didn’t address it at all, because they don’t how to mix fiction and non-fiction and blur the lines, Chris, they went from 1.2 million because they didn’t address it to second hour – 880k.”

Russo would then continue his barrage on Khan, saying Khan needs to stop ‘boasting’ about the company’s ratings on Twitter:

“And Tony Khan is online today gloating about the numbers. That’s the problem. Bro, you lost 320k viewers from hour 1 to 2. That’s what you need to be looking at. You can’t be coming online and putting yourself over with the numbers. 1.2 million to 880k viewers, bro; that’s 320k people you lost in an hour. That’s where the focus needs to be. That’s where the focus needs to be. How did we lose 320k people?”

In case you missed it, Khan has been even busier than usual lately as now-former AEW World Champion, CM Punk blasted ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks following last weekend’s All Out pay-per-view. Following Punk’s controversial remarks, Punk, Omega, and The Bucks were involved in a physical altercation, leading to everyone involved being stripped of their respective titles in addition to suspensions all around.

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