Vince Russo Made Bizarre Pitch For Eric Bischoff To Have An Illegitimate Son In WCW

Eric Bischoff

Vince Russo was no stranger to a wild pitch in WCW, but this one involving Eric Bischoff is a whole new level of bizarre.

After former WWE and WCW Head Writer Vince Russo gave an interview on his life and career, some of his more controversial comments have been picked apart on social media.

During the interview, Russo explained why he wasn’t a fan of modern wrestling, citing “fake matches” with no story. One person who took issue with the statement was Lance Storm. However, it wasn’t these comments that led to the next remarkable revelation.

A fan on Twitter shared a photo of Storm becoming the United States Champion in July 2000, and another commented that this was one of Russo’s better booking decisions in WCW. In response, Storm said it wasn’t a Russo decision and it actually came from Johnny Ace [John Lauriniaitis].

The fan then asked what Storm’s career would have looked like had Johnny Ace not been there. The famously serious former WWE star then revealed that Russo said he saw nothing in him, and once made a pitch for him to be unveiled as Eric Bischoff’s illegitimate son.

“No idea. Was told Russo didn’t see anything in me and Ace was the one that said “Give him to me for 6 weeks, he’ll be the hottest heel we have” Russo’s pitch to me was making me Bischoff’s illegitimate son.”

Lance Storm Takes Aim At Vince Russo

Storm’s revelation comes after he also slammed Russo for his views on modern wrestling. The star highlighted the success and the acclaim that WWE’s storyline around The Bloodline has received and went on to call the former writer a“complete moron.”