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Vince Russo Recalls Insane Self-Imposed Vince McMahon Rule

Vince McMahon

Vince Russo has revealed one particularly bizarre rule Vince McMahon imposes on himself which led to the “most ridiculous thing he’d ever seen.”

There is only one Vince McMahon. Over the course of his WWE stewardship, the Chairman has garnered a reputation for the ridiculous as well as the sublime, and that’s before you even take into account the television product.

Speaking on The Bro Show, alongside Diamond Dallas Page, former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo has now lifted the lid on another of McMahon’s idiosyncrasies. Russo explained that this particular quirk, centres around McMahon’s dislike for winter coats, even when conditions call for them.

Russo recalled one occasion where McMahon and his son Shane emerged from a snowstorm without a jacket.

“You couldn’t – if you wore a jacket in the winter that (meant) you were weak. No jackets in the winter, we’re manly men. The most ridiculous stuff I ever saw in my life. Him and Shane McMahon would walk out in a snowstorm not wearing a jacket.”

For years, fans have heard stories of Vince McMahon’s unusual and sometimes downright bizarre dislikes and pet hates. One of these was confirmed by Stephanie McMahon in 2021 when she explained that her father hates sneezing. His apparent reason for this? It’s involuntary and can’t be controlled.

“He hates sneezing because it’s involuntary and he cannot control it. He hates sneezing. It’s anyone, but especially when it’s him.”

Vince Russo joined WWE in 1992, working as a writer for WWF Magazine. In the years that followed, Russo worked his way up the company ladder, becoming WWE’s head writer in 1997. During his tenure with the pen, WWE embarked on the Attitude Era, which is still revered by fans to this day.

However, his commitment to pushing the envelope eventually came at a price, as following a dispute with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, the writer joined WCW in 1999.

Russo briefly returned to WWE in 2002 but left within weeks of joining.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.